14/05/2024 // Aimie Edwards

Asparagus with our Seyval Blanc Reserve

Elevate Your Spring Table

It’s Asparagus season! And nothing says Springtime better than delicious, locally-grown Asparagus.

Spring is the perfect time to entertain and seasonal vegetables provide all the inspiration you need to create some delightfully vibrant foodie flavours. At Saffron Grange, we are welcoming the arrival of Spring with a delicious dish of English asparagus, goat’s cheese and a twist of lemon – paired with the latest Saffron Grange limited-release Seyval Blanc Reserve.

To us, the Seyval Blanc Reserve screams out Spring, with notes of gooseberry, citrus and elderflower, followed by thirst-quenching bursts of zesty lemon curd adding a refreshing twist to every sip.

So why does this wine pair so well with this delicious Spring dish?

English asparagus is a quintessential Spring-time vegetable. Tender, yet crisp, it offers a delightful crunch that pairs beautifully with the bright acidity of our Seyval Blanc Reserve. The wine’s lovely lemony notes accentuate the natural freshness of the asparagus, creating a wonderful burst of flavours on the palate.

Tangy but with a smooth, creamy texture, goat’s cheese provides the perfect counterpoint to the crispness of the asparagus. Its richness adds depth to the dish, while the slightly acidic undertones echo the citrusy notes of the wine. Together, they create a harmonious balance of flavours that tantalize the taste buds.

Tying it all together, a squeeze of fresh lemon adds a final flourish to this exquisite pairing. The citrusy brightness of the lemon echoes the wine’s zesty character, enhancing its refreshing qualities and bringing a burst of sunshine to every bite!

Whether enjoyed as a light lunch or served as an elegant appetizer, this pairing is sure to delight the senses. So, let’s raise a glass of Seyval Blanc Reserve, savour the flavours of the season, and toast to the joys of springtime dining. Cheers!