Our Charming Essex Vineyard

Our story

Our land: a perfect discovery

Our Essex vineyard sits on the same chalk seam that runs all the way from Northern France’s renowned wine regions, up through Sussex and into Essex.

100 million years ago, our land was deeply submerged by tropical seawater teaming with macroscopic, calcareous algae and shellfish from which decaying fragments very slowly deposited to create a deep, porous chalk bed. In more recent times a thin overlying clay-loam soil developed on the surface which just covers the flinty, upper chalk.

This rare soil formation perfectly combines with the unique climate in this little pocket of England to create excellent conditions to grow grapes. In wet weather it provides excellent drainage, whilst holding enough moisture during the dry season to encourage the grapes’ flavour development ahead of harvest.

The Woolly Mammoth

It is a source of wonder to us all that these iconic giants once roamed the very land on which we now plant our vines…

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In the heart of the Saffron region

Centuries ago, fields upon fields of crocuses grew across Essex and Suffolk, making Saffron Walden a global centre for Saffron production.

Today, the same unique soil that enabled the crocus to flourish here is the key to growing the highest quality grapes that make our premium English sparkling wines.

It is our vision that Saffron Grange will help revive this valuable land for generations to come.

In turning what we like to call the ‘Saffron region’ into a renowned centre for fine English sparkling wine, we hope to help create jobs, prosperity and a lasting legacy for our local community.

Our team is our family

We share ideas, learn together and work as one to solve problems. We are proud of the hard work everyone has put in over many years to get us to where we are today.

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