27/04/2023 // Aimie Edwards

Food and wine pairings fit for a King!

Food and wine pairings fit for a King!


With the Coronation just around the corner, it’s time to get the sparkling wine on ice!

Whether you’re preparing a low-key family get together or a huge street party, local family-run vineyard Saffron Grange has the perfect wines lined up to accompany each of the official Coronation recipes.

Coronation Quiche

The Saffron Grange 2019 Seyval Blanc Reserve is the perfect partner for the newly-famous Coronation Quiche. The crisp and zesty notes of the Seyval Blanc will cut through the buttery-ness of the pastry. A light, refreshing wine, this delicious drink won’t overpower the delicate flavours of the quiche so you can enjoy both to full effect!

Roast rack of lamb with Asian-style marinade

Here you have a pairing choice of either the Saffron Grange 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé or 2019 Classic Cuvée. Both will hold up well to this dish, having been aged on their lees to achieve a fine balance of complexity and acidity. The Cuvée goes particularly well with meat dishes, such as roast lamb, whilst the Rosé is a great companion for Asian marinades and the umami notes in soy sauce.


Strawberry and Ginger trifle

The strawberries and spice of this tantalising trifle will match well with the Saffron Grange 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé. The Rosé is packed with red berry notes to complement the trifle and balance out the richness of the custard and cream on top. For a twist why not use a dash of the Rosé to make the jelly or drizzle over the top of the custard and cream to finish?


All Saffron Grange sparkling wines are available to purchase by the bottle or case on our website.

To mark the Coronation, on Saturday 6th May Saffron Grange will be selling and serving up a quintessentially British cocktail, the British Rhubarb Fizz, in its café alongside its usual array of wines, teas, coffees and cakes. Click here for our opening times and directions.