29/05/2019 // Paul Edwards, Vineyard Owner

Q & A with Paul Edwards, Vineyard Owner

Introducing our new tours: Q&A with Paul Edwards

Saffron Grange owner Paul Edwards has been working relentlessly with his team to build the vineyard for nearly 10 years. In this blog, we ask him what to expect on one of the new vineyard tours and how it feels to finally be able to share Saffron Grange with the public.

How does it feel to be opening the vineyard’s doors to the public?

It feels quite momentous! We’ve been fortunate to have worked with a wonderful and dedicated team of local volunteers and supporters who have got us to the point where we are about to release our first batch of premium-quality sparkling wines. We are thrilled to now be able to welcome people along to the vineyard and share our passion for this land and its story.

What can you expect from a tour?

Our tours are friendly, relaxed and informative, offering a fascinating journey through the history of our land. You can soak up the stunning panoramic views of the beautiful North-West Essex countryside and will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

You will learn more about the unique soil conditions that make the Saffron region perfect for growing vines, the techniques, time and effort that go into growing our vines, hear more about our vision for the future and of course enjoy a guided tasting of our delicious wines!

How long will the tour last?

The tour will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Who will host the tours?

I will host the tours alongside our vineyard manager, Dan Turner. You’ll struggle to find someone more passionate and knowledgeable about vines than Dan!

Gunner, our vineyard dog will most likely make an appearance too – he’s often to be found darting in and out of the vines and giving our guests the warmest of welcomes!

Do you need to be a wine expert to enjoy the tour?

Absolutely not! Our tours are designed for everyone – whether you’re a qualified viticulturalist, a wine enthusiast or a complete novice.

Is the tour suitable for general Saffron Walden enthusiasts too?

Anyone who has an affinity with Saffron Walden will enjoy the tour.

We’ll be sharing some of the historical research we’ve uncovered whilst developing the vineyard – including how the remains of woolly mammoths were discovered on our site and why they have inspired our new logo!

How can I book?

You can book vineyard tour places on our website – Book a vineyard tour.